Mind the Gap

Hi friends, and happy #ThankfulThursday :]

My apologies for the recent gap in postings, and for possible unexpected future ones. So thank you for waiting patiently for me to have some time to sit and chat to you! (and also to take a break, since it was my quick break from school the past few weeks)

At first I was going to write thanking all of you and all of those in my day to day life for being so supportive and encouraging, then something else came up.

While talking to my college pastor (and leader of my Haiti mission trip) about school and funding for myself, he commented how clearly God’s hand is working for me to be a part of the trip. And I realized, I should be shouting from the rooftops how thankful and excited I am! You know instead of screaming in my head with the biggest smile on my face and tears of joy welling up in my eyes.

Anyone who has ever been on a mission trip knows that finances don’t always work out the way you hope for them to. But those of us who have forged on and trusted God also know things don’t work as we intend for a reason! The Lord wants us to lean on Him and trust in Him for finances and health and every aspect of our lives really. Last month my finances kind of caught up to me with my hours being cut and I was hoping to just be able to go, but not worrying too much because I knew I would. And last night it was announced that we are fully funded! All we should plan for now is any spending money for the trip, piece of cake! To make this even better, I had a family member visit recently and after returning home she sent us a card thanking us for the visit and giving me money for my trip. I am so thankful for how the Lord is providing for me. But that isn’t all. . .

As I have mentioned in the past I am working my butt off to get caught up and ahead in school, which means taking summer courses. But summer courses and a summer mission trip are bound to collide, right? Yes. One hundred percent correct. The week I am leaving is the last week of my on campus course and when I get back I will only have three days to complete the last week of my online course work. Scary, right? With finals and assignments due weekly I wasn’t sure how able I would be to do both classes and the trip. I double checked the calendars we have access to and e-mailed all of my professors and guess what? Only small assignments are due the week I am gone, and for one of my classes I will have a “freebie” where the lowest grade is dropped. This means I can rock all of my courses and go to Haiti worry free!

Now all of this can come across as happy and nice, but when you look a little more closely and know my heart a little better you will see how God is truly working in all of this. For the first time since graduating high school three years ago I have committed to excelling in school. I have a passion and a plan and am dedicated to seeing this all work out (I am a brainiac and LOVE school). But Haiti has been put in my heart for the last two years, and when I made the spur of the moment decision to join the trip I knew now was the time. You know when you just know with all of your being that something is right? This was one of those things. Which meant both had to work out or my heart would be a little heavier than it needs to be. So now, with everything working together smoothly, my heart can be at peace and focus on day to day tasks and be excited for the upcoming trip. How good is our God?

So again, thank you all for being such encouragers of my spirit. And a major thanks to the Lord for orchestrating this summer to perfection! :]

Love you all!

❤ that one girl



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