To All Those Teenagers

To any of you who feel pressured to go to college, especially right after high school. .

To anyone who feels the need to have a career and life path picked out by 18 or 20 or 25.

To all young people with old people telling them to be young but expecting them to grow up in the same moment. . .

You have a choice.

A voice.

A mind of your own to think your own thoughts.

A heart which beats for something unique,

Not something carefully selected and planned.

They care, they’re intentions are true.

But don’t let society tell you

What you


A house in the burbs, two cars, a happy marriage, 2.3 children.

Friends you’ve known for years, or weeks, or days

Time doesn’t determine quality.

Who says your best friend can’t be a stranger you met on the street?

Today and tomorrow.

Some come, some stay, some go

We will never know,

And that is okay.

Your job is not to predict the future

Your job is not to be perfect or better than anyone else

Be better than who you were yesterday.

Strive for greater things,

In all things.

Deeper friendships and more thorough understanding

Not a better job and more stability.

Because instability will come, that is guaranteed.

But so will joy and peace.

In good times and in bad, you will be thankful for the friends you have

Not your job, nor degree

Nor perfect plan.

So think those thoughts and dream those dreams

Don’t let anyone pressure you to do something before you’re ready.

Live life however you choose,

So long as it benefits you and those you impact.

much love ❤

that one girl


One Comment Add yours

  1. gojenbefit says:

    Love it! I wrote something very similar 🙂 This all sings true to me


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