What’re BuJo-up To?

Am I clever yet? haha

I tried. That’s what counts, right?

This one goes out to all of my organized friends out there, how’s your year going? How have your goals from the beginning of the year been achieved or adapted? Have you been staying as organized as you intend, or less or more than you expected?

Personally, I’m in between where I want to be and doing more than I expected and not meeting the mental par I had set. I originally started my BuJo journey with the intent of becoming more mindful and giving myself the satisfaction of checking off to-do lists, as a sort of incentive to do things. Being mindful would imply daily, or more than once a day, check ins with myself and my surroundings. That hasn’t exactly been the case for my bullet journal life, but I have checked in at least once or twice a week. Which, considering I started and maybe once every few months, is a good step forward.

“Week Of” pages are followed by a page with a few categories: a tracker for specific daily goals, a goals section for big picture ideas, a reflections section for quotes or thoughts throughout the week, and at the bottom are expenses, to do, and to get. I really enjoy this set up for seasons of slower life, with fewer pressing or changing daily tasks. As I add in a busier school and personal life schedule, the week page is no longer suited to help me lay out what’s going on. And sometimes I wouldn’t even write out the week until half way through, which defeats the purpose of planning the week out. I would often end up using the right hand page for random words or test ideas, which turned into chaos. .

As you can see here:                       IMG_0596

I am continuing to keep my general month outline followed by weeks, however, this week I am testing out a week outline followed by individual days with their events and tasks. I have done something similar before, but it ended up being rather sloppy and made life more chaotic versus less. What I lacked before was the weekly sum before the daily pages, currently they share a page so I can quickly see what’s going on in the week instead of flipping through to find it.


The switch from only weekly pages to adding daily back in came from my inability to note down daily tasks as they came up. Like needing to make a doctor’s appointment or reminding myself to go for an extra run, my weekly pages didn’t support these tasks. I also wanted to force myself to be more mindful of my days. And so far it has helped. I found I was able to take the categories I liked most from my previous right hand page and fit them in at the bottom of my weekly page: tracker, goals, and a free space for doodles or quotes. Taking the time each evening or morning to plan out what the day holds has helped me clear my head and focus on what matters.

What’re your preferred ways of using your BuJo? Do you have weekly pages? Monthly? Daily? What categories do your pages hold? How do you plan long term? Any suggestions to improve my BuJo?

Much love

❤ that one girl


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