some words to my Lord

Recently, I have had a renewed spirit and passion and clarity of sight for falling in love with who Jesus is and what God wants from us. My prayer life has been more thoughtful than ever before, and in journaling the other day I happened to kind of float off into a thankful praise of the Lord. Thought I’d share :]

Lord be with me

Calm my excited heart

Hush my loud mind, I come to rest at Your feet

School and work and life will go on, still I sit

I will remain in Your presence, if only to breathe

If only to be with You

My heart cries out

For the LOVE of my Father, God

My heart is filled by Your relentless love

Overwhelming joy, never ending sense of contentedness

Lord, be with me

In my thoughts

Speak through me, use my lips to bring You praise

You alone, my God

I am Yours

I hope, at the very least, that brings you some encouragement. Or raises questions. Or sparks a fire. All that matters is that you all can see the light of the Lord

Happy #wisdomwednesday

❤ that one girl


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