Spring Cleaning

TGIF, am I right?

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to put the fun in functional. Too cheesy?

Didn’t think so either, lol.

As spring rolls around we tend to get that cleaning fever, right? It’s the time of year teenagers’ hormones go crazy, we realize there are only a few short weeks to get that summer body, and have a years worth of crap built up around the house.

Birthday cards, school projects, random artwork, pictures you took or found, no longer important papers, the list could be endless. And we find it all piles up. Literally, piles of things everywhere.

Have you moved in the last year? Did you unpack everything? I know I haven’t. There’s one box over there of stuff to go through. I keep just putting stuff in it though. Kind of the opposite of it’s intended purpose.

What about your phone? When was the last time you cleared out your pictures? Or gone through all of the apps you no longer use? Think of all the data and storage you could free up..

Spring cleaning is one of my favorite times of the year. Walking through the neighborhood on these sunny weekends, I see people sort of wake up. Like the cloudy winter shut them away and with the sun comes their life. It’s a beautiful time of the year. New growth everywhere, people who set resolutions and stuck to them are now in their new healthy habits, all the little wild animals are out, spring is another time in the year where we all seem to have rose colored glasses. Where the world is bright and full of potential, so go out and attack that potential! Make something with this spring, with this summer, with this year. Do that thing you keep telling yourself you’ll get to. Go through that box in the corner. Read a new book. Find a new aspect of yourself. Fall in love. Let all that spring is take over, and let that energy bring you through the next bit of the year!

I love you all ❤

-that one girl


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