twenty-sixteen: the first quarter

Creative. Welcoming and warm. A baker. A manager. A student and scholar. Organized.

Sound familiar? If so then you have been reading my posts for three months! Crazy you. If not, those were my “resolutions” or “me goals” as I called them back in January in my post: twenty-sixteen.

I thought it was due time to check in on how I’ve been doing with those goals. After all, there can be no growth without reflection on where you’ve come from :]

So, have I been creative? Not the way I intended, I have definitely kept up on my posting which is a huge source of creativity to me. But I haven’t been doodling or writing as much as I’ve wanted outside of that.

How welcoming and warm am I? Well, I’m no bonfire. I’d say something more like a nice candle. Good for creating an inviting and cozy environment, but not the best source of warmth. So I’m working on it! But I’d say I have personally improved from the last time I checked in.

Baker? Actually, I’ve started baking less. Sad day. I fell in love with it at first, but I have just become so busy! Between working full time, two classes, and various weekly activities and friendships, it’s hard to take a couple hours to bake let alone the finding of recipes and buying ingredients. Fail.

Manager? Well, that isn’t something I can accomplish in three months. But I am working my butt off at work and learning so much! I’d say this goal is going well.

Student and scholar. Do you know what I meant by scholar? Because I do not. Best guess: reading and educating myself of life outside of my classes. I haven’t exactly been seeking out specific scholarly concepts, but I am learning so much in life right now! From friendships to break ups to how to study to seeking what you love to study. And I have As in both of my classes so I’m succeeding in the student realm.

Finally, organized. Sort of. Have I mastered the bullet journal? No, but it is fun to set up weekly and monthly. Have my spaces remained clutter free? Mostly, yes. There is usually a pile of “you need to go through this and figure out what you want or don’t want,” but it’s either that or hoard everything.

An important part of revisiting goals is to reassess if they are still what you desire for yourself and are big enough for you to truly be growing. If your mark is 1 mile and you’re 3 miles in, then you need to set a higher mark!

I still find value in most of these me goals. What I think they need is to be clarified:

  • I would like to set aside 1 hour/week for creativity. That could mean reading, writing, doodling, baking, taking pictures of something cool. But I want to give myself at least one set hour to create.
  • I want to become more conscious of how I speak to and interact with others
  • I want to continue pursuing my passions in school and study new things

If you set any resolutions, how are you doing with them? Do you think you set appropriate goals? How can you improve your ability to reach them?

And for those of you crazies who have been with me since I first talked about me goals, I love you! Thank you for all of your support!

❤ that one girl


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