Suburbian Trails

Who doesn’t love a good weekend adventure?

Even if it isn’t some big exploration of land and sites, but simply wandering and viewing a trail. Adventuring makes the soul happy, at least that’s how I see it.

Ruckus and I love long weekend walks, and luckily there are plenty of fun paths tucked in the suburbs near us. Sometimes I have to pull off the trail take some pictures and let him explore the surrounding grasses and trees. He really likes to munch on grass ;PIMG_0417

When was the last time you stopped and just looked around? Took in the sites and sounds and smells, really used all of your senses to see the area you’re in for what it really is? If it’s been awhile, stop reading and do it right now. Like this very moment. It doesn’t matter where you are, just do it.

Did you learn something new? Or see something you didn’t notice before? How do you feel?

Stopping the crazy storm that life is to just be in the moment is where I most often find peace. Giving myself a second to breathe, to know everything is okay. Remembering all of the reasons I have to be joyful. Processing lessons learned and lessons I’m learning. So much happens in those brief moments you take to just be a human and explore.

So this weekend, or the next time you’re off, take an hour and explore. Stop randomly, take some pictures, breathe, smile and the sky or the ground or the smells whatever it is that brings you joy.

In the mean time, enjoy the views of my recent beautiful adventure filled day. . .

❤ that one girl & Ruckus


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  1. Good post, I thought it was very good because of how beautiful you made the atmosphere look great. I think if you took photos of other areas from this place it would make this area a little more interesting. In all this looks great.


    1. Totally! That gives me an idea to take some pictures from the area but of the houses (I sneakily avoided getting them in the pictures) and show a whole other side to the trails. Thanks for the idea!!


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