Curry Stir Fry with Tofu

Who’s hungry? I am, always.

This week I decided to switch up #tastytuesdays with a dinner recipe. It’s super simple and pretty adaptable.

First you’re going to need some quinoa, probably about a cup for a meal and some left overs for two people. Just cook it according to the package, don’t forget to rinse first!

Veggies are the key ingredient. So there are plenty of them.

3 bell peppers, preferably of different colors

16 oz of green beans

fresh, chopped ginger to taste

Cook all of the veggies in a skillet with 2 tbs of olive oil. You could also add some carrots or broccoli or change up any of the veggies.

Get yourself a package of extra-firm tofu, there are two ways to cook this part. You can add it into the veggies and it’ll have a typical, mushy tofu texture. Or you can get yourself a pan and fry the tofu, and get a crispy texture for some bite in the stir fry (I suggest frying it!)

IMG_0391Ruckus decided he wanted to help me cook! Here you see all of the veggies and quinoa cooking.

It should take less than ten minutes to soften up the veggies. Then you’re going to need to create a sauce.

2 tbs red chili sauce, 2 tbs soy sauce, 2 tbs water

And pick some spices, cumin or cayenne, and definitely some salt. Mix it all into the softened vegetables and add in the quinoa and it’s all ready!


Here’s what our dinner looked like before adding in the quinoa. It was quite a tasty meal. I didn’t season it as well as I should have and would have preferred fried tofu, so I will test those things out next time. IMG_0392

Try it out yourself! Let me know how it goes! How would you change it? How would you improve the flavors?

Thanks guys!!

❤ that one girl


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