Bullet Journaling in 2016

Hey there!

So it’s been a couple of months since I started digging into the BuJo lifestyle. I’ve been testing out different formats and strategies for my daily, monthly, and weekly needs.

Only one thing has remained the same; (okay it’s technically a couple of things) my key, my goals, and my yearly set up pages.

My key is pretty simple, and I have been able to stick to what I’ve noted in it: boxes for tasks, circles for events, ! for something to look into, etc. My yearly set up is mostly for major events, like when school is in session and birthdays. I also wrote out my recurring bills in the blank space on the right page. I’m working on putting together a proper budget, but having a list of bills helps. Both are simple and useful tools, I’m quite happy with them so far. My final two constant pages are my goals and period tracker. My goals can grow in the extra space as the year goes on, but will probably look the same for awhile. I really enjoyed this idea of a mind map set up, it fits how my brain works well. And the period tracker is simple, I figured I should start doing it haha. I don’t remember exactly where I got my inspiration for these pages from, but I’m sure it’s on my Pinterest board if you’re interested :]

So far I have January and the beginning of February set up, and I’ve used the same monthly page for each. However, I don’t really make use of the monthly page well so I’m looking for a new one to do in March. I do like looking at the comparison between the two months though, I got it a little more organized in February.

Finally I have my daily and weekly pages. I actually combined them because I don’t have too much going on at the moment and I found it convenient to have my weekly to do’s a glance away.


This is the end of January where I had gotten what I wanted the pages to look like down a bit. The only thing I dislike about this set up is that I end up not checking back on tasks and keep pushing them forward and pushing them forward again. My goal with bullet journaling is to get in the habit of completing tasks within the first two or so days of being given them, not pushing them until they’re due or I give up. I’m trying a new set up in February and will keep you up to date on how it goes!

So far the BuJo has kept me better organized, but I haven’t quite dug all the way into the grateful pages or brain dumps. I still have much to learn on what I can get out of a BuJo. I’m excited for it though!! Let me know if you have any tips! Hope you enjoyed my first update!

-that one girl


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