Blog Update!

Hi friends!

So I’ve been successful in posting weekly for the past couple of months, and boy am I proud of that! I have decided to form a sort of schedule for all of my lovely followers (you guys!) And I’ve even come up with some clever hashtags for them, because social media is always great haha.

The plan is pretty simple, I’ll still be posting each week. But there will be no set day of the week or set post for each week. I might give you a hint on my social media platforms earlier in the week or just let it surprise you. I hope to vary the posts each week and give you a full month of different ideas and topics!

What will tip you off to what the post is going to be about is what day of the week the post is on.

For example Mondays will be hauls and reviews of products; please welcome #MerchadiseMondays

Tuesdays will be baking or cooking (probably only baking); now introducing #TastyTuesdays

A Wednesday post will be something on my thoughts or a poem I wrote, etc.; say hi to #WisdomWednesdays

Thursday (today) will be a post giving an update on my blog or thanking you all; now to be #ThankfulThursdays

As the end of the work week, to encourage old or new forms of productivity, Fridays will be a post on Bullet Journaling or planning or organization of some kind; looking forward to #FunctionalFridays

I know some of the hashtags are a little silly, but I like them! If you have any ideas for improved tags let me hear them!! And don’t forget to keep up with me on social media to have an inside look on what will be coming up on the blog.

instagram: @kelsey.kelseyn

twitter: @kelseykelseyn

tumblr: kelsey-kelseyn

pinterest: @that1girlanddog

-that one girl ❤


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