Six days into the new year and I have already failed at my only resolution. Actually, I failed it on the third day.

Hi guys! New year, new you. . . Right? Sure, if that’s something you want to do. But have you ever thought about new day, new me? The new year is merely a bigger symbol of something that happens daily: an opportunity to be whomever you want.

Who do I want to be?

Creative. Welcoming and warm. A baker. A manager. A student and scholar. Organized.

What can I do to become a person who encompasses all of those qualities?

That question actually brings us back to the resolution I failed. I had resolved to, well force myself to be creative. My boyfriend got me a super neat journal for Christmas and I had decided to dedicate it to a year’s worth of creative writing or doodling or sketching. And by day three I skipped the day’s creative moment. And day four and five and now six, we will see if I convince myself to get back to it or maybe even start over.

If being creative is so important to me how did I fail myself?

Well I didn’t set myself up for success. I used to doodle all of the time and the more I drew the more ideas came to me. The same thing happened with writing; the more I read and the more I wrote the more ideas I had. But I haven’t frequently done my favorite kinds of creative activities in several years. My mind isn’t at it’s creative best. And I didn’t give myself a plan of action, I just tried to do it. What I should have done (and now plan to do) is found myself a list of prompts, or questions to trigger that creative part of my brain. Eventually, ideas will come to me without that help but there is nothing wrong with seeking ideas from outside sources!

Now that I have a plan for success, I can implement it. But how do I achieve my other “me goals”?

It can be as simple as smiling more or vocalizing my appreciation for my coworkers or family members.  I can make plans with friends and get to know them better. One of my biggest challenges as I seek to improve myself is to ask for help and allow others to help me. I can challenge myself to bake at least once a month and find a bunch of recipes that entice me to bake them. I’m enrolled in school so now it’s up to me daily to choose to do well. To ask for help when I need it, in what ever area I need it in and accept the help offered to me.

There are many little things we all can do each moment to help us reach our “me goals” and those steps will look different for each of us. What are your “me goals” for daily life, for the next month, and even the next year? Let’s keep track and keep each other accountable and encouraged!

Looking forward to a great year!

-that one girl


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