Short Poetry

Hi friends!

With Christmas fast approaching I thought I’d gift you with a short post. tee hee

No, no this isn’t a play on my height (I’m only 4’10”)

This isn’t even what I think of when I think of a poem, but this isn’t school and I have no rules in my creative writing. It is simply creative and writing ;P

Whenever life seems like it is about to take a turn for the worst, I look and I see

Life is what I make it, and life is a collection of my choices.

But if reincarnation is real, then I must have lead a good past life

If karma is how it all works, then I must have been doing good unto others

And if there is a God above, he must be looking out for me

For today, I will keep smiling and forging ahead

For today, life is taken care of and what will be will be

And it will all be okay


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