bullet journal?

Hey there friends!

Who is incredibly disorganized? Okay, what about super organized in your head but little proof of that organization day to day? Are you good at remembering things? What about the order of those things? How often do you think of a fantastic idea then forget by the time you go to do it?

All of the above. I fit into all of the above in some way or another. I am a rather analytical thinker and I appreciate organization, however I am not the best at it. And I definitely wasn’t great at time management in my previous years of schooling. I am a great note taker, and I love taking said notes! However, I have never been great at planning multiple things or keeping to my plans to get said things done. So I am taking a shot at this thing called a bullet journal.

Planners have never been exactly right for me, and those fancy ones that have everything you could ever imagine are just too dang expensive. Which is a huge plus to the bullet journal, it can be made out of any journal or notebook! It can have blank pages or dotted pages or lines pages or even the pages I called graph paper in school.

I love Moleskines so I ModPodged some newspaper to the front of mine and a cute little quote, as well as a fancy inner paper. This first page here is called the “index” or table of contents or the thing that tells you what pages everything else is on.

Leave yourself a page or two for the index to expand on then start your first month’s calendar. On the left is the dates and days of the week, you can write in main events or use symbols for things like bills. I used $ and Xed out each bill I have already paid, on the specific date I wrote what the exact bill is. On the right hand side you can write out goals for the month or a recurring event, anything that pertains to the month really. Clearly I haven’t thought that far ahead.


What’s left is the day by day. (if you write with a Sharpie pen like I often do then you’ll likely see through the pages, so choose your pens wisely) I like to make the dates noticeable so for December I chose a wreath-like surround. You can space out the individual days however you choose, I don’t have much going on this month so my days are pretty close together. Once I start school I will probably give myself much more room.


And towards the back of your journal you can have pages for notes or thoughts from the day. Another idea is to write out your monthly spending and bills so you have it easily assessable for each month. I haven’t gotten there yet since I keep a lot of that in my phone, even though I prefer this hand written method.

Anyway! I will update you as I delve more into this bullet journal thing, and let me know if you try it out too! I think it’s pretty helpful so far.

ta ta for now, that one girl


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  1. Hey! I am attempting to start a bullet journal too! I have barely started, but seems like a fun and easy way to stay organized while being creative. Have you explored many other blogs or instagram users for inspiration?


    1. No, I haven’t. I haven’t quite figured out how to explore blogs via WordPress. So all of my inspiration has come from Pinterest and YouTube videos. And I hadn’t even thought of Instagram. I’m definitely going to search through there later! Thanks for the idea. Let’s keep sharing as we learn more about them!!

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      1. For sure! You should go check out http://www.bohoberry.com. Her bullet journals are like pieces of art. Seriously so amazing!


  2. Tanya says:

    Love this idea! Thanks for sharing your pages.


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