the life of Ruckus

Hi guys!

My previous posts have been mostly about baking and myself, so today I thought I would post about Ruckus. And maybe I got a little carried away, but there is so much that happens in a year and a half. So be warned there is an onslaught of pictures coming your way. Everything from day one to a couple days ago. . .

In June of 2014, I drove about two hours to a shelter off of 99 that was pretty much in the middle of no where. I had found his picture and litter mates online and just had to get him. The shelter manager was actually the one who named him Ruckus, and I found his name all too fitting for myself. As a bonus he has been great on car rides from the start!

He has always had a knack for sleeping in the strangest of positions, from on his back with legs in the air to under the bed (although he wouldn’t fit now)

After he had his last round of puppy shots (roughly three months after getting him) he got to go on his first big adventure! We went on a hike at my favorite spot, Muir Woods. The hike leads down to Stinson Beach, where he proceeded to dig himself a hole and lay in it. We returned this past July with the intentions of a hike.. Well there is this annual race that happens on the Dipsea trail, forgot about that. Instead he just ran up and down the beach with a giant stick!

There is one thing I have to say I love the most about this dog, he is a cuddle bug! Although that also means he gives tons of slobbery kisses. No one can resist hugging him. And no one can resist his happy face and expressive ears.

From play time, to watching me bake in the kitchen, to making other fur friends Ruckus has been the best addition to my life. His ears tell you exactly what he’s thinking, and he always listens… eventually

In case you’re wondering, no I don’t know his exact breed. We are almost positive he is an Australian Cattle dog mix, but have no clue what the mix could be. He has an impressive chewing skill which comes with the Cattle dog, but his color has suggested Basenji who also carry a strong jaw. I’ve even thought boxer at times because he is awfully clumsy and jumps and likes to paw at his toys and fur friends. But we may never know. That’s what’s great about shelter dogs, there will always be some mystery to them.

I love this mutt with all of my heart and I hope you have enjoyed getting to know his life a bit more!

-that one girl and Ruckus


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