Brownies Brownies Brownies

For many years now I have made chocolate chip cookies from scratch, and I love them. More recently I have decided I want to perfect those cookies. I thought if I branch out and learn to bake some other delicious treats from scratch it would give me some new skills. Earlier this week I told my boyfriend I was going to make brownies from scratch this weekend, so to pinterest I went! And I tried the first recipe I saw, it is amazing!!

It was actually super simple, and I left out vanilla (I happened to forget I needed it, oops). They are the perfect chewy texture, even after being left uncovered overnight. All of the chocolate used is semisweet which created a rich flavor without being too sweet. The boyfriend even wants me to bake some for his next work buffet ;P

Personally, a little chocolate goes a long way and there was a bit too much for my taste. So next time I plan on reducing the amount of chocolate used, and include the vanilla haha! I happened to read the recipe on the back of the chocolate bar and it included brown sugar, which this recipe lacked, so next time I would like to see how that changes the flavor as well. This is the beginning of my journey in baking and I’m pleased with the start!

Here is the link to the recipe I tried;

-that one girl


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