The Beginning of Blogging Bewilderment

What is a blog? And why does it seem like everyone has one now? Is it the sharing of ideas, one person’s perspective on aspects of the world? Or is it tips and tricks for your favorite things? Does a blog have to be based around one specific topic or can it vary from post to post?

I don’t have any concrete answers, to be honest. Blogging, to me, is like any other form of creative writing (i.e. books, poems, stories), the author can write whatever he or she wishes. Those who like it become her readers and those who don’t move on to another site. So I shall write what I want about whatever comes to mind at the time, it might be funny, it might be sad, it might even be informative (I promise to do some research on those kinds of things) the only thing I will always avoid is being intentionally rude or disrespectful. What else could I write about besides my thoughts?

Now, this isn’t the first blog I’ve attempted to start and continue posting on. This “blogging” thing has actually been on my mind since halfway through high school, I just wasn’t the most motivated four years ago. And I most definitely shouldn’t have been declaring my view points back then (they were dramatic to say the least). Each time I try to blog I end up caught in a bubble of what I “can” or “cannot” write about, trying to direct myself towards a specific audience. This time I have no audience in mind, whoever likes the posts will become the audience. Yay for freedom in writing!

Since I have thoroughly, maybe a little too thoroughly, explained my thoughts on blogs and what I vaguely plan for my future blog I shall end here and see you in the next week 😀

-that one girl


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