Good day, dear soul Have you ever paid homage to someone? It’s quite the experiment in creativity. To attempt to recreate an artwork. Or to go deeper and attempt to create a piece of art in the exact style of an artist. Well, we were assigned just that. As our professor showed examples of influential photographers, … More Homage

Passage of Time

Well hi there folks, it’s been awhile. But we’ve made it! It’s summer! Okay now how many of us will be taking summer courses? Just me? haha okay, well I have some freedom for now 🙂 That being said I thought I would share with you some of the pictures I took for other assignments … More Passage of Time

Depth of Field

First off, thank you for being flexible with me as I’m in school and quite busy right now! Second, I think we all had fun with my last photo assignment so I figured why not share another. This one being about depth of field. Or what’s in focus in the picture.  This is what would … More Depth of Field

“All About Me”

It’s week two of classes and this is my first assignment in my photography class. To take a picture that tells you All About Me.  Immediately this image came to mind. A pile of my textbooks and me doing some yoga thing next to it.  Before I explain my whole process and show you the … More “All About Me”

Hidden Falls

More adventures with the happy pup 🙂 Not even a week into the new year and I’ve already gone on a hike with only Ruckus to keep me company! I am so proud of this. We went up to Hidden Falls State Park in Auburn. And it was a beautiful, chilly day. A quick PSA, if … More Hidden Falls